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Merrill's Marauders Roy H. Matsumoto


Roy is from Los Angeles, was a graduate of middle school in Japan and volunteered to serve in the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS), from one of the West Coast Internment Centers. Roy was awarded the Legion of Merit for his actions in the battle of Nhpum Ga. The Marauder 2nd Battalion was trapped at Nhpum Ga (Maggot Hill), every night Roy would crawl out close to the Japanese lines and listen to them talk and secured information. One night he returned with information that the Japanese were going to attempt to cut off a part of the perimeter. After helping set up an ambush Roy waited with the rest of the Marauders for the attack to start. When the attack came the Marauders sprang the trap mowing down the first wave of attackers, when the second wave stalled in confusion Roy stood up and yelled for them to attack attack, causing the second wave to meet the same fate as the first. After the Marauders Roy served in China at the Sino Translation and Interrogation Center (SINTIC). After the war Roy worked for Headquaters, China Command and performed undercover missions for the general headquarters of the Allied forces in Japan. On July 19,1993 Roy Matsumoto was inducted into the U.S. Rangers Hall Of Fame. In 1997 Roy was also was inducted into the Military Intelligence Corp Hall of Fame.